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How To Play This Game

To play this game first you have to enter the url in the adress bar of your web browser.

Step 1: Open Our Site innovative

Step 2: Click STUDENT LOGIN in the menu bar

Step 3: If you are a new user then first click on Create Account option to get the registration form.

Step 4: Kindly fill your details in the registration form

Step 5: After registring youself go to the Login and give you mail ID in the user name and password

Step 6: Choose any category and start playing

Step 7: Carefully observe the picture,use hints and answer the questions.Be careful your answer should start with capital letter eg. Aves

Step 8: Submit Your Answer

Step 9: You get 2 points for correct and loose 1 point for incorrect answer

Step 10: The card turns in both the cases displaying the correct answer with details and you can enter the next taxonomic level.