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To aid the learning of Zoological classification

Target Community

The students pursuing senior secondary, under graduation (UG) , post- graduation (PG) in science (Zoology as one their subject) and also students who are preparing for the competitive examinations like UGC-NET, RAS, NEET.

Problem Of The Student

There is a wide gap between the scientific knowledge of animal classification and student’s conception. Zoology as a subject is loved by students as they get to know about themselves and animal around but the systematic classification is burdensome and they often face problems to memorize the classification of the vertebrates and invertebrates. A study showed that the students of elementary, secondary and college level when asked to do complete classification task, all age groups failed to generalize and discriminate among examples and non-examples of animals. The weakness in the basics of Zoology results in poor performances at all levels. It is also seen that during the examination the students skip and do not like to attempt these questions preferably.

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